18 febbraio 2010

Europarliament Says No to SWIFT

Last week (on Feb 12) the European Parliament did not renew its commitment to the SWIFT agreement.  Such agreement was adopted after 9.11 as an anti-terror measure that allowed US authorities to monitor EU financial transactions.

The news went under the radar, but it is a very significant change in the EU attitude towards data protection and civil liberties.  Also, this is a result of Treaty of Lisbon, which gave lawmakers the power to review and approve measures that effect internal security.

The political rationale of such position may be summarized as follow: "We need to apply EU standards to EU data", "to give people a right of redress" in the event of misuse of personal data, and to allow access to data "on a case by case basis".

Here the press release of the Civil Liberty Committee.  Here the comment of the WSJ.


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