28 gennaio 2010

Data Protection Day, EC says Privacy will be big challenge in next decade

EU Commissioner Viviane Reding acknowledged the importance of protection of Europeans' rights.  What I liked about this statement is the clear identification of a handful of really hot and complicated issues:

  •  behavioural advertising;
  •  social networking sites;
  •  smart chips used to trace people movements;
  •  Lisbon Treaty and the Charter of Fundamental Rights enforcement with respect to privacy.

The principle, said EU commissioner, is that "EU rules should allow everyone to realise their right to know when their personal data can be lawfully processed... and to say no to it whenever they want."

I know I am silly, but "realise the right to know" is a bit different from actually knowing... :)

20 gennaio 2010

Privacy Compliance is Optional

NYT today reports that Bing (Microsoft) declared that it would comply with privacy regulation.

Irrespective of any comments on MS's statement, I believe it is interesting how public opinion has become used to privacy NON-compliance.  Insomuch that the news is the statement of compliance.

NYT also notices: “Google and other engines are starting to realize that consumers around the world are placing an increasing value on privacy and that can have business consequences.”

It seems that privacy regulation is considered rather an inconvenient hassle to deal with just to improve corporate reputation before customers.  I wonder what happened to that old principle AKA Rule of Law...

Then I wonder,  is the current situation due to a very cumbersome and barely inapplicable regulation? Or it is rather due to insufficient enforcement mechanism?  Or both?

15 gennaio 2010

The Economics of Terrorism

I would like to feature this interesting TED talk by Loretta Napoleoni about the Economics of terroristic organizations.  This presentation is IMHO enlightening at least to add perspective to the way we look at terrorism.  For instance, I did not know that Patriot Act had consequences on the monetary system.  Did you know that the currency most used for money laundry is now the Euro?

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